2010 – Ten Years Into the New Millennium

As 2009 slowly winds down and the birth of the 2010 New Year is just around the corner, nine years into the millennium and the world is still behind the eight ball in futuristic technology. At the end of 2009, there are no flying cars, no Mars space stations, and no space trips for everyday people to the moon and back.
In 2010, mankind will face everyday reality of rumors of wars, a depressed world economy, and unrealistic political promises that no one could ever full fill in a lifetime. Welcome to 2010. Another in a series of hum drum years following a 2000 New Year that was supposed to be the beginning of a robust new century.
The world moves at a snails pace in changing economic circumstances, humanitarian welfare, and technology. Sometimes I think were still living a 1960’s lifestyle with 2009 inflation. Faces of music change from time to time but old fashioned rock-in-roll still takes prescient over modern day contemporary music. Oldie radio stations continue to draw swarms of yesterdays’ rock-n-rollers and the baby boomers refuse to give up on aging Alice Cooper’s and Beach Boys.
The truth is obvious, mankind is slow to change and lack the willingness to pursue new endeavors in futuristic technology in fear of legal entanglements. A friend once told me that the automotive industry has the technology to keep people out of bumper to bumper accidents but fail to implement the technology due to the fear of lawsuits resulting from a failure in the new technology. Mankind has slowed futuristic progress by laying down the hammer of legal protectionism that prevents failure from becoming an option.
Strides in American medicine have hit the skids simply because the Federal Drug Administration is slow in approving landmark meds for treatments of catastrophic diseases. Every year, telethon’s raise countless millions of dollars to help find “The Cure” and donors are left with bank receipts and promises that maybe next year will be the year for the cure.
2010. A year of change. The promissory note that governments offers mankind an opportunity to change but fails to provide the necessary tools, laws, and training to implement change.
If the new millennium’s legacy has left us anything is the reality that some things never really change. Faces, demographics, political parties, and ideas change but anything futuristic beyond plasma screens, is unlikely. The world’s leaders changes window dressings in the beginning of each New Year and by year’s ends, are placing more band-aids on a wounded world that doesn’t seem to be improving at all.
Happy New Year everyone. Please don’t make any promises you don’t intend to keep and don’t go out on a limb and make resolutions that drive you to a point of madness because you really didn’t want to change them in the first place, Be yourself. Be kind to one another. Show empathy to those that grieve and be willing to go outside your comfort zone to help someone in need. If mankind can learn to perform these simple tasks without governments distributing “Goodwill to Others-Books – Self Help Guides” maybe in 2010, mankind will have a chance. Maybe tomorrow morning, all of can wake up to a new beginning that is so futuristic, “Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Men.”