Month: December 2020

10 Best Real Estate Markets in the World

As quoted  from  Forbes,    Monday (1/20/2014),  housing  prices  in  a number of  regions   increased sharply  in  the  space  of 12  months. One  of  them is Austria   which offers  many  luxurious  and  magnificent  residential properties.  

The country is  also known as  the  most expensive real estate  market  in  the European  region. No          wonder,  the prices of a   number of housing  estates   in the Austrian region increased by 10.1{91fc0735aef411d4c11eba9823275626d41d902204c271112780acd84d99b7ec}  in  just  one  year.

Meanwhile,  unable    to  compete with  Hong Kong which is  ranked  first  in the order of the most expensive real estate market in the world, China is only ranked 8th.    Nevertheless, housing prices  in  the Bamboo  Curtain  Country  also  increased  by  about    20{91fc0735aef411d4c11eba9823275626d41d902204c271112780acd84d99b7ec} in  December  2012.

1. Hong Kong

The high demand for residential properties in Hong Kong makes the area the best real esate buying and selling location in the world. Housing prices jumped by 23.6{91fc0735aef411d4c11eba9823275626d41d902204c271112780acd84d99b7ec} last year. …

The Reasons Why Real Estate Is Still The Best Investment

Very rich person Andrew Carnegie once said that 90{91fc0735aef411d4c11eba9823275626d41d902204c271112780acd84d99b7ec} of moguls get their abundance by putting resources into land. Is this actually obvious? Is putting resources into land still a smart thought? As per nine Advisors at The Oracles, who make millions by putting resources into land, the appropriate response is yes. Here are 9 moguls remarking on the best speculations through land.

1. ‘Having made me rich’

As per Barbara Corcoran, originator of The Corcoran Group and host of the web recording ‘Business Unusual’, and an appointed authority on ‘Shark Tank’, purchasing land has made her rich.” Mostly through need, not by plan. I purchased the primary itty-bitty studio in the wake of raising a couple of dollars since I needed to live some place,” he stated, cited by CNBC International.A few years after the fact, the estimation of the studio multiplied and gave Barbara enough cash to ‘deny’ …