Shared vs. Reseller Hosting: Which Platform is the Best for Startups?

Is there any business that doesn’t have an online platform?  Your answer would be yes. There are many businesses still running offline. Maybe their owners think that it requires a lot of finance to take it online or maybe they think that a lot of technical or coding skills are involved.  

But the reality is both the about imaginations are wrong. You don’t need a lot of investment to be done as well as you don’t need to code or have technical knowledge. Everything is very simple. There are plenty of online website builders that help to develop your websites in minutes if your content is ready. Wait…how we can miss WordPress…the popular Content Management System that also helps in building your website. You get an easy-to-use dashboard that helps in creating your website with the help of free plugins and themes. It means you can develop a website for free but for hosting you need to go for a premium option only. The reason is free hosting won’t offer you all the features to run your website smoothly or you may face issues in future. 

So, let’s learn about the web hosting options available. The list of web hosting available comprises of shared linux hosting, dedicated servers, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting and WordPress hosting. Since you are just starting you might get confused between shared hosting and reseller hosting.  

Many of you think that reseller hosting and shared hosting both are the same. But for your information, they both are completely different. Let’s check more about them further. 

What is Shared Hosting? 

The word “Shared” doesn’t needs to be explained. Yet shared hosting is a type of hosting in which you need to share the server and resources of it with many other users.  

When you buy a pizza, how does it come? It comes as a single base that is divided into multiple prices with almost equal toppings. This makes it easy for you to share it with others. Same is the case with shared hosting. There is a single server that is distributed between many users with limited resources.   

There is at least one person in your circle that is too much foody. So, whenever you buy something, he/she takes a share of two. This disturbs others too as they need to re-divide the food into smaller pieces and then share with each other. Ultimately, all remain unsatisfied.  

On a shared server too, this type of issue occurs. When there is a heavy traffic on one website, it pulls more resources of the server towards itself, disturbing the other websites. Other websites need to struggle for managing their traffic and sometimes may also get crashed.  

But many of the newbies or startups opt for shared hosting as it is the cheapest option. 

All this indicates that though shared hosting is the cheapest option, it isn’t good for those websites that expect high traffic in less time.  

What is Reseller Hosting? 

Reseller hosting is specially designed for web developers and designers that want to earn extra by selling web hosting services. But it isn’t restricted to only them. Even if you have the basic idea of web hosting, you can start your own web hosting business. The reason behind mentioning web developers and designers is that they have an idea about best hosting reseller and recommend hosting providers to their clients. So, instead of recommending if they include web hosting in their services, it would surely benefit them. 

Here we can consider a wholesaler of goods. There are many people that buy products from the wholesaler and sell them with their own shop name and at a price higher than they purchased. Similar is the case with reseller hosting. 

You simply need to have the basic understanding of web hosting and the components related to it. It means you need to know about SSD storage, bandwidth, control panels, WordPress, security features such as SSL certificate, etc. If you can explain these things, you can start your web hosting business.  

Moreover, you can sell web hosting services using your own brand name. It means if you select a white-label reseller hosting plan, your web host won’t display its name anywhere. Your visitors will think of you as an independent web hosting provider. It means your brand will be a new hosting provider for your customers. 

In reseller hosting, you can manage your clients with the help of WHM. Also, the clients are provided with the control panel’s access so that they can manage their websites easily from a user-friendly dashboard.  

So, you can start a web hosting business by just investing a small amount. Remember reseller hosting is expensive than shared hosting.  

The Bottom Line 

You might now have got an idea about the differences between shared and reseller hosting. So, if you are just starting your website and expect less traffic, you can surely select shared hosting to host your website. But if you have the basic knowledge of web hosting and want to start your web hosting business, you can select reseller hosting.