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Canadian manufacturers produce autos for main public transportation methods, national rail networks and specialised purposes similar to mining. The Automotive, Transportation and Digital Technologies Branch at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is a key hub throughout the federal government on Canada’s automotive and transportation manufacturing industries. It serves as a conduit between the automotive trade and Government programs and services.

Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud Services supplies secure communications in and out of the vehicle to assist a highly custom-made expertise that may be frequently refreshed throughout the car lifecycle. The cloud-based resolution provides a seamless improve path for growing system efficiency throughout the Snapdragon Digital Chassis and creates alternatives for the automotive ecosystem to deliver new digital services into the vehicle. Comprehensive solutions for ubiquitous connectivity in and across the vehicle to help enhanced security and infotainment. The Snapdragon® Digital Chassis is our comprehensive set of cloud-connected automotive platforms for telematics …

Samsung Reveals Latest Smart Phone – The Galaxy S3

In London, all of the rumors and crazy speculations were answered by Samsung as they unveiled the smart phone dubbed as “designed for humans, inspired by nature.” Yes, the latest addition to their elite list of phones is soon to be released in the market. And they gave us more treats by letting us take a peak of their latest serving. Let us all welcome the plausible iPhone “killer”.
The Hardware
Compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S3 is relatively bigger than the S2. But it would still perfectly fit in your hands. The design comes in two colors; marble white and pebble blue. It has slick curves that match to that of a perfectly molded pebble.
The phone’s major feature, however, is its 4.8 inch AMOLED screen. The retina display on the iPhone 4S is indeed lovely, but with the 3.5 inch screen some would definitely crave for a …